Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince covers up Manya’s classic outfit

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince (also known as Dragon Quest Monsters 3) has succumbed to censorship as classic dancer character Manya had her classic outfit covered up in the game’s latest footage.

Japanese Twitter users were quick to realize that the latest Nintendo Direct footage shown of Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince reveals classic dancer character Manya, albeit with her wearing more clothing:

Here’s a comparison between Manya’s new design (left) and the original design (right), which you can see below:

What’s even more unusual is that this footage was not visible in the English Nintendo Direct, nor is the 30-second trailer available on Nintendo America’s YouTube page.

Some might suspect this was done solely for the sake of the game’s age rating, but many know by now that game companies are purposefully censoring sex appeal in fiction as it’s part of the bogus narrative that female beauty is “offensive”.

Square Enix is known to have an “ethics department” that makes changes so as to not offend Western sensibilities, even with the Japanese release of their games.

This department is responsible for giving Tifa an undershirt in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. It even boasts of its censorious accomplishments and attempts to deceptively carry out changes without people noticing.

Additionally, the iconic Honey Bee Inn returns in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, but it was also censored to take into account “modern sensibilities”.

This narrative against female beauty is not exclusive to Square Enix, as the Resident Evil 4 remake had Ashley wearing a “skort” instead of a skirt, and the VR version of the original game also had a slew of “offensive” things censored.

Melty Blood Type Lumina covered up Ushiwakamaru’s well-known underboobNaraka: Bladepoint covered up many sultry female outfitsGenshin Impact has burkafied the costumes of its many delightful females.

The Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection not only toned down gore and violence, but also eradicated the well-known breast jiggle. Here’s some more glaring censorship examples:

All game companies have seemingly united to eliminate feminine sex appeal for the sake of ESG points.

As those knowledgeable about censorship know, it’s not merely female sexiness that is censored – anything that can be deemed “offensive” towards women is also censored, such as “harsh” language towards women, or gendered language.

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince launches for the Nintendo Switch on December 1st.

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