DokeV ROCKSTAR Music Video Shows Off Its Characters and World

DokeV ROCKSTAR Music Video

Pearl Abyss has shared a DokeV ROCKSTAR music video, showcasing the characters and overall theme from their open-world monster-catching adventure game.

Here’s a new DokeV ROCKSTAR music video:

In case you missed it, you can find the debut gameplay trailer for the game here.

The K-pop-inspired music video was specially created to thank fans for their overwhelming support following the game’s announcement and first gameplay video reveal at Europe’s largest game show, Gamescom, earlier this year. DokeV captivated a global audience of gamers thanks to its vibrant and colorful open-world, adorable character design, and unique gameplay elements, which were showcased in the original reveal.

The music video stars DokeV’s characters as they perform GALACTIKA *’s catchy ROCKSTAR song with unique dance routines directed by Lia Kim from the renowned dance studio, 1 MILLION. In the video, the main characters and their friends practice choreography to ROCKSTAR before ending up on the main performance stage to a grand audience. 1 MILLION’s incredibly detailed choreography was captured at the Pearl Abyss Motion Capture studio and imported into the next-generation BlackSpace Engine to create the realistic animations. Lastly, many of the scenes revealed in the DokeV music video will be available for actual gameplay.

“We produced a special video to repay the community for the overwhelming support we received after revealing our first gameplay trailer”, said Sangyoung Kim, lead producer for DokeV. “Pearl Abyss is doing its very best to create the DokeV world into a place that blurs the line between the virtual and real world. We are working hard to deliver a game that will meet our fans’ expectations.”

Pearl Abyss has partnered with the Korea Tourism Organization and several CJ Brands to help promote the Hallyu Wave (Korean wave) by showing realistic-looking virtual representation of Korea in DokeV, expanding the game’s reach into metaverse content. Korean traditional heritage is also lovingly captured in the music video with real-world references to historic Korean sites such as Gyeongbokgung Palace’s Geunjeongjeon Hall, Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, and Namdaemun; and traditional Korean children’s games and other traditional favorites.

As part of the previously mentioned partnership with CJ brands, the music video will also make an appearance at the MAMA ceremony, which is the World’s No.1 K-pop music awards show featuring artists from all over the world. It marks the first time a video game music video will be presented on the show. MAMA will be held on December 11th in Korea.

DokeV is a creature-collecting open world action-adventure game with a unique setting where the main characters go on an adventure to meet and befriend Dokebi, legendary creatures from Korean folklore. The game will feature action-based elements, addictive gameplay, and offers a high degree of freedom thanks to its beautiful seamless open world. DokeV is under development for console and PC using Pearl Abyss’s next-generation BlackSpace Engine.

DokeV is currently in development for Windows PC and “consoles.”



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