DokeV Debut Gameplay Trailer, Game No Longer a MMO

DokeV Debut Gameplay Trailer

Pearl Abyss has released the DokeV debut gameplay trailer alongside confirming the game is no longer an MMO, it’s now an “open-world action-adventure” game.

The 2019-announced game was re-revealed this week at Gamescom 2021, where we’ve learned the multiplayer component may have been dropped entirely to focus purely on its action-adventure gameplay.

“DokeV was initially introduced as an MMO, but we decided to move the game in a different direction and it’s now a creature-collecting open world action-adventure,” developer Pearl Abyss announced over on Twitter. “But regardless of genre, we’re going for fun, vibrant, and adventurous!”

The Pokemon-inspired game has been watched closely since its reveal a couple years ago, but it seemingly won’t be released until 2023 at the earliest. The game is still definitely coming to PC, alongside a general “consoles” release.

Here’s the new DokeV Gamescom 2021 trailer:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Dive into a gorgeous and lively world where Dokebi and humans live side-by-side! Watch DokeV’s first official gameplay trailer which premiered at gamescom 2021: Opening Night Live and let’s get a look at what these adorable denizens are cooking up…

What is DokeV?

DokeV is an upcoming creature-collecting open world action-adventure from Pearl Abyss filled with intriguing stories and set in a unique, vibrant world. Meet Dokebi, whimsical creatures that live side-by-side with humans and encourage people’s dreams from which they gain strength. The gorgeous and colorful world of DokeV is brimming with activities, stories, and experiences, so get ready to befriend tons of Dokebi, embark on an adventure, and rock the world! Who knows, they may be dancing around you, even now..!

Wondering how to pronounce DokeV?
Read it as “”doh-keh-vee””.
It’s the world where the Dokebi live in!

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