Dogfighter Strike Vector Ex is Coming to PS4 and XBO, Check Out the Teaser Trailer

Developer-publisher Ragequit Corporation are porting first- and third-person air combat game, Strike Vector, to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One as Strike Vector Ex. Watch the teaser video for the game above.

In Strike Vector, players customize a futuristic flying craft and take to the skies to shoot other fliers out of the sky in a multiplayer deathmatch. For more about the action game, go here and here.

No date has been set for the console ports yet. The game is already available for Windows PCs via Steam, if you’re interested.

[Editor’s note: this article previously omitted mention of the Xbox One. That’s been fixed.]

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  1. JackDandy
    March 19, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    Lots more people should play this, the game is fucking awesome