Disney’s Wish criticized over the villain not seeming like a villain

Disney's Wish

One of the songs present in Disney’s upcoming movie Wish has drawn further criticism as individuals continued to be puzzled as to how the movie’s villain is supposed to be a villain.

The song “This Is The Thanks I Get?!”, which is sung by Chris Pine from the point of view of the movie’s villain King Magnifico, was uploaded to Twitter:

This garnered more criticism as the villain sings about moderation and self-control, things that should be taken to mind as he is a king that grants people’s wishes, but not all wishes.

Some critics believe that kind of outlook on life is a good thing, while also suggesting granting just any wish would cause chaos.

The criticism began ever since the first trailer for the movie was released.

Here’s some of the critical comments on the tweet along with some praising the song:


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