Discord issues warning to all using the Little Witch Nobeta server

Little Witch Nobeta

Discord recently issued warnings to people for browsing the Discord server for video game Little Witch Nobeta, even for those who never actually wrote any messages on the server.

The sequence of events was uploaded online, with there initially being reports of people being issued warnings from Discord for merely visiting the Little Witch Nobeta server:

Discord began issuing these warnings because the Little Witch Nobeta server (and its Twitter account) is known for sharing artwork/humor regarding young anime characters.

Those familiar with the misdeeds of Discord naturally found this highly hypocritical, as some comments alluded to past discoveries from the company:

Apparently this ended up causing the Little Witch Nobeta server to shut down, as the official Twitter account recently announced a new one:

In what could hardly be considered surprising, the new server is apparently already being attacked by those who can’t distinguish between fiction and reality:

Little Witch Nobeta has been available in its full release, on PC (via Steam), since September 2022, and most recently on PS4 and Switch.

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