Dinosaur MMORPG “Durango” Finally Gears Up for Launch

Nearly five years later, Korean publisher Nexon is seemingly gearing up to finally launch their dinosaur-themed MMORPG, Durango.

The company has begun accepting pre-registration applications ahead of its worldwide release on both iOS and Android, via the Google Play store or the official Durango websiteThe game has no solid release date currently, but has been available for native Koreans and Southeast Asian players for awhile now.

If you pre-register, you’ll get some free goodies whenever the game launches, including 300 warp gems, a box with cosmetic items, and a striped Compsognathus dinosaur.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

An unexplained spacetime distortion tears you from Earth and drops you into a mysterious world of uncharted islands—Durango. But in a primitive land teeming with dinosaurs, survival is only the beginning. Explore! Gather! Hunt! Settle! Build! Trade! Cooperate! Compete! The pioneers of Durango live on their own terms. Come find your destiny in a sprawling world of unlimited possibilities!

Step into the Warp and start your new life! Here’s a barebones primer to get you started!

United we feast, divided we’re dinner! Are you ready for the Warp? The train bound for Durango is departing soon!

Key Features:

  • Survive – Though there is no limit to the greatness you can achieve, all of Durango’s denizens have humble beginnings. It won’t be long before you discover that your first roughly hewn stone blade is not only a great tool, but a vital weapon!
  • Settle – Forget apartment-hunting—Durango’s real estate is first come, first serve!  Scour Tamed and Civilized Islands for that perfect wedge of land to claim as your own, then turn it into your dream home using nothing but the sweat of your brow!
  • Explore – Let the race for resources begin! Venture to perilous Unstable Islands to collect essential items. But be careful—rarer resources mean more dangerous dinos!
  • Unite – Even as we summited the highest peaks, roamed the endless fields, and endured the trials of deserts and jungles alike, our greatest discovery was the solace we found in each another. Welcome to clan life!


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