That’s Not an Xbox One! That’s Durango, Nexon’s Brand New Survivalist MMORPG with Dinosaurs

Nexon is working on a very special MMORPG that is sure to turn heads. Titled simply “Durango“, the 2.5D experience will put the players into the boots of survivors in a strange, prehistoric past where dinosaurs still exist, and thrive.

Details are scant, but what is known is that the game is in development by the same team that did Mabinogi Heroes (known in the west as Vindictus). Featured above, you can get an exclusive look at what the game is all about, namely carving out your existence in this dangerous new world. You’ll have to collect water for drinking, and foods to curb your hunger.

durango 05-26-14-2

You can build your own base where you can store supplies, food, and water in any location within the game. You’ll want to choose wisely—otherwise you might get overrun with carnivorous dinosaurs. Nexon hasn’t mentioned whether permadeath is a feature, but with how much they’re emphasizing sticking together to survive, we’re not ruling this out.

Dinosaurs are the main creatures you’ll have to consider fighting at some point in the game, although you’ll have to craft some pretty strong weapons to take anything bigger than a velociraptor down. You’ll even be able to manufacture traps that can be laid out in the world, hopefully giving you an edge in taking down the larger beasts.

durango 05-26-14-1

Curiously, Durango seems to only be coming to iOS, Android, and the Nvidia Shield. Well, it looks like all of us are going to have to buy a Shield then? You can check out the game’s official website here.

A release date was not confirmed, but we’ll keep you guys posted.

Brandon Orselli


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