Diablo IV becomes fastest selling Blizzard title with over $666 million in sales

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Activision Blizzard have claimed that Diablo IV has become the fastest selling Blizzard game with over $666 million USD in sales in just the first five days since launch. Their claims comes from numbers “based on both units and dollars sold-through on all platforms”.

The company also shared some fun facts taken from all the stats of those enjoying Diablo IV such as:

  • 276 billion total monsters killed since launch
  • 317 million player deaths (…time to git gud)
  • 276 million total hours played since early access (that’s more than 30,000 years, or enough time to watch everything on YouTube with 13,500 years to spare)
  • More 166 million player parties created (party on!)
  • 5.8 million total deaths served by The Butcher
  • 430,000 players killed in PvP battle
  • No. 1 on Twitch from early access on June 1 through June 9, breaking previous Blizzard records for hours streamed and watched over a similar period

Blizzard also shared the high praise it received from critics, garnering numerous ratings above 9/10. We also very much enjoyed the game, as you can read in our review here. As we too are among the critics to have given the game such a high rating.

Diablo IV is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Battle.net).

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