Diablo IV battle pass detailed: cost, rewards, seasonal plans, more

Diablo IV battle pass

Blizzard Entertainment has shared the full details on the Diablo IV post launch plans, most notably its “completely optional” battle pass.

The Diablo IV battle pass is sold separately and as part of the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Edition. While the Diablo IV release date is still roughly a month away, you still have time to choose what version of the game you purchase – as well as what kind of bonus content you want instantly or unlocked over time.

Diablo IV battle pass explained

Diablo IV will host four seasons of content each year as we previously reported, each spanning roughly three months each and being described as a “Season Journey.”

What Blizzard clarified today, though, is the seasons will not add new story campaign content, that is reserved for future expansions. The Diablo IV battle pass rewards players with cosmetic and Premium Currency, and will reportedly take at least 80 hours to complete.

Each new season will have its own unique seasonal questlines that have “self-contained stories” that include new characters and unique story arcs.

Any questing content in the seasons are “not bound by the campaign,” series general manager Rod Fergusson said. Associate game director Joe Piepiora did confirm the seasons will have “‘fresh gameplay,” though.

Diablo IV battle pass contents

So what’s in the battle pass and what can you unlock? Here’s a quick rundown on everything you need to know from seasonal progression to premium currency:

  • Free Tier: Available to all players, includes 27 tiers and both cosmetic and aesthetic rewards
  • Premium Tier: Available to premium battle pass users, includes 63 tiers (for a total of 90) and both cosmetic and aesthetic rewards
  • Accelerated Tier: Available to premium battle pass users, gives 20 tier unlocks (as a head start)
  • Premium Currency: Smoldering Ash currency – only unlocked with seasonal progression, can only be used with the current season
  • Seasonal Blessings: Available to everyone, unlocked with Smoldering Ash for things like XP boosts, rare salvage, extra gold (regular currency) or obols (gambling currency)

What cosmetics are in the Diablo IV battle pass?

The Diablo IV battle pass premium tier has 63 levels as mentioned and focuses quite a lot on cosmetics – each class will get two full sets of armor each season, themed to the current season, plus a seasonal mount and mount armor.

There’s also plans for “roleplaying clothing” and other cosmetic items, so you’ll be able to really customize how your toons look from head to toe.

The Diablo IV cosmetics shop will also offer a host of cosmetics that rotate throughout the seasons with different “class fantasies” like a “thunder goddess” sorceress or a barbarian that decorates his armor with the tongues of his enemies.

Some promo art and mockups were shown where shop cosmetics have a bit more flair and sometimes a bit of blood spattered on them.

How much does the Diablo IV battle pass cost?

The Diablo IV battle pass premium tier will cost roughly $10 (1000 platinum) but you can pony up for an accelerated tier $25 pass (2800 platinum) that gives you 20 free battle pass levels, but this doesn’t get you any Smoldering Ash.

For those looking to get the other non-battle pass goodies, the battle pass is also included in the $89.99 digial deluxe and $99.99 ultimate edition.

As mentioned above, Smoldering Ash is only unlocked through regular progression and as confirmed by general manager Rod Fergusson, can only be used in the current season so players can’t stock up and unload in one particular season.

What happens after each season ends?

Blizzard confirmed when each new season inevitably comes to an end, any new gameplay mechanics toyed with in that season will be “retired” but might come back if players really enjoy them.

Any characters from that season will be added to the “Eternal Realm” where you’ll always be able to play them, but outside the seasonal rotation, kind of like Heaven–or Hell, if you’re naughty.

In related news – Diablo IV is getting a “server slam” open beta starting today – read more about that here. In case you missed it – check out our thorough written and video preview from the Diablo IV playable beta.

Diablo IV is set to launch on June 6th, 2023 across Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. Make sure to bookmark the Diablo IV global launch times here in our other guide.



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