Diablo Immortal tops 30 million players not long after China launch

Diablo Immortal

Blizzard Entertainment announced Diablo Immortal has topped 30 million players, a new milestone reached not long after its launch in China and the rest of the Asia Pacific.

From the time of release up until July 29th, the player count for Diablo Immortal was already over 20 million. Some fans were hoping that, with the launch of the game in China, Blizzard would address issues with the content and lack of endgame, but that will have to wait until Blizzard are done cashing their checks.

The game’s issues are to stay, overly monetized “free-2-play” games that treat you like little more than a piggy bank for generally disliked CEO’s and developers. It’s all thanks to people throwing money at obvious cash grabs, and no, it’s not because the game launched in China.

Forgive me if I’m not exactly thrilled to be sharing this information with you, but I for one, cannot be excited for a games industry that are so hellbent (pun intended) on consuming anti-consumer products.

Users see every single flaw with Diablo Immortal and still go ahead spending $100,000 on pay-2-win loot crates in order to win at PVP only to realize that they whaled so hard, that they no one else to play against. Congratulations on helping Blizzard making $100,000,000 on this project despite all the warning that it was going to screw you over.

For years, gamers have suffered at the hands of greedy corporations who see us, not as fans, but as wallet meant to be pickpocketed. The worst part is that this continues to happen, and it’ll only get worse because consumers are so incapable of not throwing their money at things that make this entire market worse.

Mark my words, Diablo Immortal is the least free-to-play friendly gacha game ever made, and it will not be the last. This will continue to spiral out of control until people have had enough and finally put their foot down.

This is not simply a product that was made for China and therefore, people outside of China can blame them for propping up the game. Over 2/3rd of the player base originated outside of China. This is an us problem, the world did this by being completely irresponsible with their money.

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Tyler was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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