Developers will pay for each game installation under new Unity plan


Developers will have to fork over cash every time a user installs a game, at least according to a new payment plan.

The reported plan is meant to be in place of traditional “revenue” sharing for game developers. Ironically, revenue sharing would theoretically be less harmful for indie developers.

Developers utilizing Unity will be forced to pay a flat rate after reaching a threshold of revenue or total installs. This means developers are actually punished for making cheaper (and possibly more popular) games as the Unity fee will consist of a larger percentage.

A developer selling a $70 game will pay the same amount as the developer of a $10 game per install, any price difference is a result of different Unity licenses.

You can see Unity’s new install-based payment plan below:

Unity Fees

Free to play games without monetization are technically exempt, as users have to meet both thresholds (revenue and installation count) to begin incurring fees. Free to play games with monetization schemes are obviously not exempt and may run the risk of incurring greater fees due to the ability for anyone to install, but not necessarily pay.



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