DELTARUNE Chapter 2 to Release By End of Year


The second chapter of Toby Fox’s new game DELTARUNE will release its second chapter, progress has also begun on the third chapter.

Reported by Famitsu, the second chapter of DELTARUNE and progress on the third chapter was also announced on the official Japanese blog for the game. News about the second chapter comes as Undertale celebrates the fifth anniversary of its launch back in 2015 and the update on the second chapter was included in the official anniversary message.

“DELTARUNE” development progress estimate

Since it is only letters, I estimated the progress of development with numbers.

Chapter 2 (20/4 / 15-20 / 8/13)

Phase 1: Design

Main design: 100% (dialog, etc.)

Initial preparation: 100% (collecting production team personnel, adding debug tools, creating materials, etc.)

Phase 2: Implementation (20/5/1 to 20/8/13)

Art: 90%

Cutscene: 80% (90% including the part just started, waiting for the second draft)

Barrage pattern: 70% (Zako enemy is almost completed, boss is about 40%, waiting for the second draft)

Combat elements other than barrage: 30% (“Koudou” is partially completed. It is possible to fight against Zako enemies. However, the interactive “Koudou” is incomplete and the finishing work has not been completed. Boss Is not programmed except for the barrage pattern)

Audio: 80%

Map :? ?? %. Most of them have just started, but are in a temporary state. Most are waiting for the second draft. All communication with NPCs is completed as long as the scenario is completed.

Other: 65%

Phase 3: Finishing

Balance adjustment: 0%

Bug fix: 0%

Localization: 0%

Transplant: 0%
(Honestly, I think most of them are 80%, but in reality they are in a rather rough state. It takes a considerable amount of time to finish, so the exact degree of completion is about 50% …? But for the team, I think this experience will be a source of future development.)”

Translation: Google Translate

DELTARUNE originally released in 2018 as a surprise for fans of Undertale. As reported previously, the game was hidden as a “survey program” but ended up being the entire first chapter of DELTARUNE released for free.

DELTARUNE is a larger undertaking than Undertale which was made almost entirely by Toby Fox with the GameMaker engine. Unlike Undertale, DELTARUNE combines the bullet hell dodging mechanics of the first game, with a party engaging in turn-based combat similar to traditional JRPGs.

Multiple characters from Undertale also feature in DELTARUNE. However according to Toby Fox himselfDELTARUNE is not a sequel to Undertale, and the events of either game have no bearing on one another.

The first chapter of DELTARUNE is available now on Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The second chapter will release later this year.

Image: Official Site

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