Deltarune Chapter 2 Releases September 17


After a celebration for the 6th anniversary of Undertale, game developer Toby Fox announced the second chapter of the game’s de facto sequel Deltarune.

Deltarune released back in 2018 as a surprise for fans of Undertale and was initially disguised as a “survey program”. Upon launching the executable, players were able to play through the entire first chapter of Toby Fox’s new game.

The chapter was allegedly intended to release last year based on a progress report on the game’s Japanese blog. However that didn’t come to pass and it wasn’t until a year later that chapter 2’s release was officially announced.

Multiple characters from Undertale also feature in Deltarune. However according to Toby Fox himselfDELTARUNE is not a true sequel to Undertale, and the events of either game have no bearing on one another. However given the developer’s knack for meta-humor and themes, it’s hard to know if this will remain the truth.

Deltarune follows the adventure of Kris, Susie, and Ralsei as they strive to bring balance between Light and Dark in a world seemingly separated from their own.

The game largely differs from Undertale in that the combat makes use of a party of characters with varying abilities instead of a singular hero. However the system of dodging projectiles and hazards in a small box to avoid attacks remains the same from the original game.



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