Fan submits motorized Howl’s Moving Castle to LEGO Ideas

LEGO Howl's Moving Castle

A creative fan has submitted their homebrew take on a motorized version of Howl’s Moving Castle to the LEGO Ideas program.

The LEGO Ideas program is a site where builders submit their fan creations to be voted on by other LEGO enthusiasts.

Creations that receive a noteworthy amount of votes and publicity are then forwarded to LEGO and ostensibly released as official sets or models.

Ostensibly meaning, of course if someone like Studio Ghibli signs off on it in the case of media-inspired creations.

You can check out the motorized Howl’s Moving Castle below:

It might move a bit awkwardly, but it’s impressive for a custom build made using existing LEGO pieces.

Not only do the legs move, but the castle flaps its jaw and sticks out its tongue just like the one in the movie.

Howl’s Moving Castle is a 2004 animated film from Studio Ghibli and world famous director Hayao Miyazaki. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Diana Wynne Jones.

Past LEGO Ideas submissions that have made it to sale include a Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone set, a Winnie the Pooh tree, and more.

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