Debut Artwork and Screenshots for Hotaru no Nikki

hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-10

Nippon Ichi Software has revealed the first artwork and screenshots for their newly announced PlayStation Vita platformer, htoL #NiQ: Hotaru no Nikki, or Hotaru no Nikki for short.

The game features the following characters:

  • Mion – She’s the young girl pictured above who mysteriously wakes up in some ruins, with amnesia. Aided with the guiding light of the firefly Hotaru, she will hopefully make her escape.
  • Hotaru – The firefly that found Mion in the ruins, and will hopefully help lead her outside to safety. However, it seems like there’s something underneath its motives, like its saving Mion for some unknown reason.
  • Shadow Hotaru – This is another firefly that Mion encounters while exploring through the ruins. Just like regular Hotaru, its existence and motives are unclear.

Hotaru no Nikki is an action platformer that utilizes touch controls on the PlayStation Vita. You’ll control Hotaru, in which you direct Mion by guiding her movements. You control Hotaru with the front touch, and you can control Shadow Hotaru with the back touch. You won’t be able to clear levels unless you learn to switch between regular Hotaru and Shadow Hotaru. Shadows, nasty creatures that are hunting for Mion, are out and about in each level. Naturally, if they see Mion, they’ll chase after her and try to kill her. Your goal is to guide her to safety.

Check out the new artwork and screenshots below, which also show off the limited edition retail version:

hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-22 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-22-1 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-20 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-19 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-18 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-17 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-16 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-15 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-14 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-13 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-12 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-11 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-10 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-9 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-8 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-7 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-6 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-5 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-4 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-3 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-2 hotaru no nikki 03-28-14-1

htoL #NiQ: Hotaru no Nikki is for a release on PlayStation Vita in Japan on May 19th.



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