Day Z Stand-Alone Now Available On Steam

Day Z, the immensely popular Zombie Survival game that once started as a simple Arma 2 mod and made Bohemia Interactive a household (If you’re into this sort of thing) name, has now had its stand-alone version released on Steam. Though it’s early access and more than likely prone to more than a few glitches, for 29.99 you can help Dean Hall and his crew sharpen its gameplay to a fine edge.

For those not in the know, Day Z is a online-only survival horror zombie game that resembles S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in its gameplay and harsh environment. The player does not “Win” but merely survives as long as they can, fending off AI enemies as well as other players desperate to steal their supplies. Known equally for both its griefing potential and its extreme addictiveness, Day Z has gained quite a large following considering it has only been publicly available for little more than a year.



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