AI powered sci-fi ARPG Cygnus Enterprises leaves early access

Cygnus Enterprises

The sci-fi action RPG that has been in early access for just one year, Cygnus Enterprises, has reached its full release.

Previously announced as a “positive” style game, it has evolved over the past year to include what developer Team Miaozi refers to as “smart AI” NPCs.

These “smart AI” NPCs are claimed by the team as an industry first, and full details can be found here.

AI has grown in popularity and interest over the past year, but also a lot of criticism. Something the developer appears to have taken note of, as this feature can be disabled by players. 

Here’s a rundown of the game, plus the launch trailer:

Cygnus Enterprises takes place in positive future, where mankind has put aside its differences to peacefully expand to new worlds. This expansion was once limited by technology, but the titular Cygnus Enterprises has created a faster-than-light drive, allowing humanity to travel across the universe and discover new worlds.

Not all of these worlds are welcoming to humans, as there are powerful alien monsters that roam the wilderness and present a threat to settlers. Cygnus Enterprises put players as hired troubleshooters in a wild space frontier, where they must restore derelict outposts and turn them into bustling new settlements that will attract people from around the universe.

“Cygnus Enterprises is a positive sci-fi game; recently we noticed that most of the futuristic games opt for a pessimistic, post-apocalyptic or decadent view. We grew up with Star Trek and we always regarded the future with optimism. Cygnus depicts a bright future, with beautiful environments and a positive setting,” said Eva Jobse, the creative director.

In terms of gameplay, Cygnus Enterprises is a single-player experience that combines exciting action RPG combat with the planning, hiring, and construction of a city management game.

The story takes place over 18 storyline missions, but players are free to spend as much time as they’d like building and refining their base. The gameplay loop is broken down into different key features, which explain how players will become new warrior entrepreneurs of the galaxy.


  • Top-Down Shooter ARPG – Building a city requires precious resources. Unfortunately, these are found in lands that contain dangerous alien lifeforms. Players will explore beautiful and exotic locations, while defeating enemies using futuristic weaponry and collecting resources left behind.
  • Base Building – Once materials are gathered, players are tasked with creating an outpost. This involves a sandbox mode, where you can place buildings as you see fit and create the settlement of your dreams.
  • Employee Management – A settlement needs settlers, as well as technical staff and security guards to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day operations. Manage employees to make sure they are happy and prosperous in the settlement.
  • Upgrading & Crafting – It wouldn’t be an action RPG without loot for players to earn and build weapons and armor to help them survive in the wilderness. It’s possible to loot resources, research new items, and craft new gear.

Cygnus Enterprises is available now for PC (via Steam).

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