Cube World: Omega announced

Cube World: Omega

The creator of Cube World has announced a new project Cube World: Omega.

You might remember Cube World as an ambitious voxel-based RPG that had the internet abuzz for a period of time around 2013. The game was sold in an Alpha state for a short period of time before nearly all communication went dark until the game released.

After 6 years of anticipation from the Alpha, Cube World released in 2019. Now, it’s been 4 years since the game released and developer Wolfram von Funck of Picroma has come back to announced that Cube World: Omega is in the works.

While called a “new project”, it appears that it’s an update to Cube World but with an entirely new engine it could almost be a new game depending on how development goes. You can check out the latest developer log below.

Hi everybody, I’m currently working on a new version of Cube World. I chose the project title Cube World Omega as a reference to Cube World Alpha, because I’d like to develop it in the spirit of that version, but with a new engine and new features.

A release date for Cube World: Omega has yet to be announced.



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