Cube World – if Minecraft Was a MMORPG

cube world ss 1

So Cube World is available to buy/play now in its alpha phase. What is Cube World? Cube World is what happens when Minecraft and various RPGs, action adventure games and MMOs have a baby together. Some might consider this potential offspring an abomination, but I think it’s quite awesome. Also, this game is definitely not at MMO levels of multiplayer, but they definitely could go that route later. There are some key differences between this game and Minecraft though:

You can’t terraform, meaning you can’t manipulate the landscape to your liking.
There are races, classes and specializations, giving you tons of ways to develop your character.
The game features dedicated servers for co-op.
Since you can’t terraform, you’re probably wondering about buildings – you can’t build any right now. It was planned at some point, so it may be added into the game eventually.

So, overall the game seems to be going more for a fantasy MMO style in terms of content, goals and character progression. I’ve always gotten bored of vanilla Minecraft (I don’t mod) because of its lack of RPG-like content, so this game is definitely right up my alley. Also, the game is planned for release on the Playstation 4. Here’s a small tidbit about the game from the creator:

“I’m Wollay, the creator of Cube World. I started this game in June 2011 as a hobby project. My inspirations were Minecraft, Zelda, Secret of Mana, Monster Hunter, Diablo, World of Warcraft and many more. My aim was to create an infinite, colorful, procedurally generated world, full of adventures, monsters, and mysteries. The result is Cube World, a voxel-based role-playing game.

The alpha will be available for a lower price than the beta version and the final version. We’re planning to release updates regularly. Updates are free.”

Check out this trailer for the game:


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