Top-down alien roguelite shooter Crimson Crisis announced

Crimson Crisis

Mars is infested with aliens, and it’s your job to wipe them out in the newly announced roguelike Crimson Crisis.

Crimson Crisis is coming at some point in 2024 to Microsoft Windows (through Steam Early Access).

Players can expect Crimson Crisis to release with full mod support, as the development team wants to make mods a core part of the experience.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Crimson Crisis is an intense action roguelike sci-fi shooter set on Mars. Follow the story of a bottom-of-the-rung employee thrust into a battle for their life as they answer a routine call emanating from the very depths of the planet itself.

Each battle is an intense fight for survival and each new wave brings with it tougher and tougher aliens to conquer. Armed with basic weapons initially, players can expand their offensive arsenal with new guns and a procedurally-generated assortment of attachments. Unlock the true potential of each weapon, reach bullet heaven and conquer the alien force.

Players can also take advantage of unique status effects which can shift the tide of battle. Inflamed, Poisoned and Traumatised all inflict unique properties on both player and enemies. These status effects lead to special effects like receiving more damage from gunshots or being more susceptible to critical attacks. Players will need to experiment with their existing arsenal to find the perfect balance between inflicting effects and pure damage.

Crimson Crisis will be playable in both singleplayer and multiplayer with a local co-op feature that allows players to team up on the couch. Double the weapons, double the aliens and double the carnage. A drop in and out features makes co-op even more accessible, as friends can party up no matter where they are in the journey to the depths of Mars.

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