Cover Corp Announces Hololive Sports Day Collab

Hololive Sports Day

Cover Corp has announced an upcoming large-scale collaboration to create a “Hololive Sports Day” event in Minecraft.

A recent tweet on the official Hololive English Twitter account announced the upcoming sports day event. The event will feature 26 Hololive virtual YouTubers participating in athletic-themed minigames via Minecraft.

The event will include a majority of Japanese Hololive YouTubers in addition to three guests from Hololive Indonesia. Noticeably absent are any of the Hololive EN girls that debuted earlier this year.

The Hololive Sports Day is being hosted on the channel of Sakura Miko and can be found below.

A full list of participants and links to their YouTube channels are in the video description.

Hololive is a virtual idol group managed by Cover Corp. The virtual idols are played by actresses who tread a thin line between being themselves and playing their character and have amassed a following in the United States, Japan, Indonesia, and elsewhere.

Earlier this year, Hololive China was discontinued after a controversy surrounding two Hololive Japan idols mentioning Taiwan as independent from China when referring to their YouTube analytics (which separates the two).

The Hololive Minecraft Sports Day begins November 20th at 11pm EST.

Image: Twitter



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