Corsair Acquires Origin PC

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Corsair has announced they’ve acquired competitor Origin PC.

The press release likens the acquisition to Corsair wanting a more pre-built, enthusiast gaming line of hardware to go alongside their existing hardware options – you know, for the folks who don’t want to build their own gaming rigs.

Origin PC will remain a separate brand from Corsair, and they will still manage and honor their own support, warranties, and purchasing moving forward. Despite the big acquisition, Corsair will still offer their existing gaming PC options, including their own pre-built rigs, like the Corsair One.

To compare, pre-built Origin PC’s tend to go big and bold in terms of hardware prowess and physical space, while Corsair has a variety of options for cases, RAM, power supplies, and even peripherals.

Origin PC builds will begin incorporating Corsair’s iCue software, which offers the user “system-wide lighting synchronization and system monitoring”, as well as Corsair’s Hydro X Series custom cooling systems. Corsair is also promising more of their tech for Origin PC’s in the future.

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