Corsair acquires group-buy site Drop

Corsair Drop Acquisition Thumbnail

Corsair has announced their acquisition of popular group-buy site Drop, formerly known as Massdrop.

Despite this new acquisition, Drop will continue to operate as a separate brand from Corsair.

“Corsair is the ideal partner to help Drop grow and continue to fulfill its purpose of creating amazing community-driven products,” said Jef Holove, CEO of Drop.

“With a worldwide sales and logistics footprint, we’ll be able to make Drop products more widely available, faster, while retaining the enthusiast-led product development that has seen millions of fans trust Drop for their setup and hardware.”  

Drop has been best known for their unique sales style of checking community interest to see what products should be sold through their store.

They’ve had popular items such as their headphone collaborations with Sennheiser and currently have one with The Lord of the Rings specially designed keyboards.

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