Clover Day’s Plus Steam version cuts out “questionable” content

Clover Day's Plus Steam

The Steam version of Neko Nyan Soft’s Clover Day’s Plus has removed a lot of “questionable content”, as the title in question is an eroge.

The decision to cut the content shouldn’t be too surprising considering Steam often demands censorship from Japanese games.

Clover Day’s Plus was recently released on Steam, and the visual novel revolves around a boy named Yuuto who was abandoned by his parents and raised at an orphanage.

He was later adopted and brought to live in Japan, where he met his two new sisters.

Publisher Neko Nyan Soft informed potential buyers on Twitter however that Steam had to cut several things in order for the title to launch on the platform:

For the last few years, Steam has been embroiled in controversy over constantly denying Japanese titles (be them eroge or family-friendly) from releasing on their platform.

The marketplace forbid service with underage characters, and even some completely non-sexual scenes with underage characters.

Some games have been banned for having “erotica” with underage characters, even though there were no actual underage characters.

Harmless things such as school uniforms were also an issue, and pure sex scenes are naturally also denied, despite the fact that Steam sells mainstream titles with sex all the time.

It seems that mostly titles with anime-style aesthetics are targeted when it comes to censorship, even ones that don’t have sex, and there’s no sign as to when this censorship might subside.

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