Chris Metzen returns as Creative Director for Warcraft

chris metzen

Industry veteran Chris Metzen has returned to being the Creative Director for the Warcraft universe.

Metzen began his career with the company back in the early 90s and is credited with much of the concept artwork and narrative building for what would eventually become the Warcraft universe.

He filled the role of Creative Director for many games in the Warcraft universe from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos in 2002 and maintained that title for other Warcraft games until he left the company in 2016.

Though he was no longer Creative Director, Metzen returned for future expansions to voice his usual characters such as Thrall and Varian Wrynn.

Metzen returned to Blizzard last year as a “Creative Advisor“, but now he’s being given control as the Creative Director once again.

With Metzen back at the helm creatively, fans are hoping for improved writing and storytelling in the wake of recent World of Warcraft expansions.

Back in 2020, he launched his own tabletop-focused company Warchief Gaming, and now he’s reconnected with the massive Warcraft franchise he helped create way back in the 90s.



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