CHAOS;HEAD NOAH fan patch retranslates game, restores censored content

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Fan project Committee of Zero announced their overhaul patch fir CHAOS;HEAD NOAH is coming this week.

The massive fan project will release on February 3rd. It’s a full translation from the ground up that’s meant to provide fans of the game the most accurate translation from its original Japanese to English.

It’s also more than that, as the team has restored censored content from re-releases, as well as translated the songs, videos, and numerous images throughout the game.

Multiple bugs were fixed and even an entire menu that was left untranslated by the original team has also been translated and fully implemented.

Here’s the trailer for the patch:


This fan project hasn’t gone unnoticed by publisher Spike Chunsoft, who had put out a survey to their fans that specifically mentioned this project.

There was controversy surrounding CHAOS;HEAD NOAH’s release, when it was apparently canceled due to adult content, only to later be allowed.

There will also be a celebratory livestream on their Twitch channel on February 5th as well.

This patch is available on all versions of the game, which include the console release on Nintendo Switch. However, a reminder that custom firmware is required to apply this patch for that version of the game.

CHAOS;HEAD NOAH is now available worldwide on Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam and GOG).

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