CHAOS;HEAD NOAH survey mentions fan patches, hints at potential English dubbing

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CHAOS;HEAD NOAH’s western release was a rather tumultuous one when it got canceled by Steam due to adult content, only to later be allowed onto the platform without any alterations.

One month after this, the game would also see a release on GOG, a competitor to Steam. To celebrate the GOG release, publisher Spike Chunsoft put out a survey asking for the opinions of those who have bought the game.

While it contains the expected questions on a recently released title while gathering demographic information, there were a couple interesting questions asked as well.

One such question actually acknowledges the use of fan patches, such as Committee of Zero, which was named in the survey. For those unaware, CoZ is a fan translation group who has worked on translating CHAOS;HEAD NOAH, and has done so for other games by the company.

Considering this section is combined with asking customers about their thoughts on the game’s translation, it’s clear they care about feedback from their English speaking fanbase on future western releases.

Another interesting question came in the form of asking owners of the game if they’d consider English voices for games in the series which might offer a voice option. This seems to imply the company is interested in getting English dubbing in the future, depending on what their customer base wants.

CHAOS;HEAD NOAH is now available worldwide on Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam and GOG).



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