Chained Soldier anime premieres next year

Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave)

The upcoming anime adaptation of Chained Soldier (Mato Seihei no Slave) will premiere in January 2024 as part of the Winter 2024 anime season.

Originally announced in 2021, the upcoming anime follows a world that’s under attack from another dimension, gateways called “Mato” allow women with special powers to fight the monsters within the other dimension.

Kyouka Uzen, a woman whose power is generally considered weak, has a chance encounter with the young man Yuuki Wakura.

Kyouka’s power “Slave” allows her to enslave the monsters of the other dimension but it’s generally considered a weak and risky power to use their enemies as weapons.

However when used on Yuuki, he’s able to transform into a combat-ready form that’s stronger than most monsters. But with the drawback that as a human Yuuki is able to ask a reward from Kyouka and she’s compelled to grant it, what will Yuuki do?



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