Catholic Church may canonize first ‘Gamer’ saint

Carlos Acutis

The Catholic Church is set to canonize their first saint who was also an avid gamer.

Carlo Acutis was a young man who died from leukemia at the age of 15. In life, Acutis was a devout Catholic who brought his parents back into the faith due to his curiosity and interest in the religious rites of the Catholic Church.

Acutis allegedly even donated games to children in need through the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.

Since his death in 2006, the charity and devotion of Acutis became more widely known among Catholics. One of the requirements for canonization into sainthood is to have two miracles attributed to the candidate.

The first miracle of Acutis was in 2019 when a mother in Brazil prayed to Acutis to help her son who was born with a pancreatic defect. The defect kept him on an all-liquid diet, but shortly after the prayer the family claims he felt “healed” and became able to eat solid foods again.

The second miracle of Acutis was in 2022 when a young woman in Costa Rica experienced a brain hemorrhage with a low chance of survival. The woman’s mother prayed to Acutis on her behalf and she began breathing on her own shortly after, with all evidence of the hemorrhage allegedly healing.

Acutis is expected to be recognized as a saint during the Catholic Church’s 2025 jubilee.


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