Japanese ASMR YouTuber is whispering the entire Bible

ASMR Church

A Japanese ASMR YouTuber has a unique gimmick where they’re whispering the entire Bible in Japanese.

We’ve had anime girls cleaning your ears, anime girls bullying other anime girls, and now we have an anime girl reading the entire Bible (both New and Old Testament)

The channel ASMRキリスト教会 (@asmrchurch) features hundreds of videos sorted into playlist by book. You can check out the first video for the New Testament book of Genesis below.

ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” which refers to the calming or tingling sensation some people experience in situations like a doctor’s office, having someone whisper to you, or the sounds of someone chewing.

Some people feel there’s something sensual about ASMR, and while ASMR videos with that sort of content exist, they’re not necessarily meant to be titillating.



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