Capcom sneakily adds DRM to backlog, attacks mods

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Capcom has recently begun adding Enigma Protector to their catalogue of games, including older titles.

Enigma Protector is designed to “protect” games from piracy and cheating, but most notably this has had a chilling effect on Capcom’s inventive and enthusiastic modding community.

Games receiving the DRM go as far back as 2013 with Resident Evil: Revelations being updated with the software.

While disappointing, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise; last year Capcom made a presentation which included a handful of slides maligning mods. Capcom seemed especially worried about mods which “violate public order and morals”.

Many mods for Capcom games range are innocent graphical changes like the Shapely Minayle mod, but admittedly some mods could be considered borderline cheating, particularly in Monster Hunter which allows for cooperative play online.

Capcom has also allegedly been aggressively attacking YouTube channels that upload videos which use mods via copyright strikes.

Some gamers are blaming Capcom’s aggressive anti-mod stance on a recent incident where a nude Chun-li mod found itself in a Street Fighter tournament in front of hundreds of spectators.

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