Capcom is concerned about mods which “violate morals”

Monster Hunter Mod

In a recent presentation for the new Resident Evil engine, Capcom included a slide which clarified their position on PC mods.

In their presentation, Capcom colors PC gaming as risky due to the ability of users to mod, edit, and cheat the game software. The company goes as far as to say: “PC games give a high degree of freedom, but they are also free to be tampered with!”

You can check out the relevant presentation slides below (thanks Twitter user @YOG3NSHA):

Capcom released their entire 50 minute presentation on Anti-Cheat and Anti-Piracy measures which you can find below:

While cheating can become a problem in competitive games, many Capcom games benefit from mods such as quality of life mods in Monster Hunter, client-side cosmetics in Street Fighter or Resident Evil, and more.

What this will mean for upcoming Capcom projects has yet to be seen.

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Editor’s Note: Mod featured in thumbnail is the Shapely Minayle mod and can be found here.

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