Capcom Reveals Three Monster Hunter Spinoffs

While Capcom is on a roll confirming  lots of new games (albeit from existing franchises), they’re just not done yet with Monster Hunter.

Capcom has confirmed three spin offs for the Monster Hunter franchise at their Capcom Network Games Conference. They are as follows:

Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation Art 1

In Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation, the village of Mezeporta is surrounded by vicious monsters – your goal is to unite the villagers, guild and of course, other hunters and attempt to stop them from destroying the village.

MonHun Great Hunting Quest Art 1

In MonHun Great Hunting Quest, players will be tasked with battling with Monster Hunter themed cards. Apparently, the cards you use to attack monsters will be shot at them using a giant card-shooting ballista.

Great Hunting Quest will have lots of unique features and mini games, like co-operative multiplayer to take down enormous monsters together.

MonHun Always Felyne Life Art 1

MonHun Always Felyne Life is a game focused on the cats from Monster Hunter, if that wasn’t obvious enough.

The game sounds like a treasure hunting type of game, meaning you’ll be equipping the cats appropriately and then taking them out on adventures to find valuable treasure.

Monster Hunter Mezeporta Reclamation is coming next summer, MonHun Great Hunting Quest has its services starting this October 29th and MonHun Always Felyne Life is coming November 26th. All of these spinoffs are for iOS devices.

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