Capcom digital video game sales now account for over 90% of total sales

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Capcom has released their financial results for Q2 of FY 2022 – and one of the more interesting bits is that 91.5% of their game sales were digital.

This means out of all the titles Capcom has released rcently, only a mere 8.5% of sales accounted were physical.

The earnings year-over-year are still in decline like they were from the Q1 results, but this is to be expected as Capcom has released less new games this year compared to last year.

Their roster in the prior year saw the launch of the massively popular Resident Evil Village. It’s likely that next year will be much better for the company when Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6 are expected to be released.

That said, even though numbers are down compared to last year, the company has also stated they are still on track for their 10th consecutive year with operating income.

There are other interesting numbers here to note as well, like how Japanese sales have increased to roughly 24.6% of games sold, which is nearly double the value from just a couple years ago at 13%. They also mentioned that their arcade sales from the previous 6 months are also up, likely due to lower of restrictions from the COVID pandemic.

Finally, Capcom also talked about their plans on expanding to other ventures, such as esports. They have already begun the Japanese pro bracket(s) for Street Fighter back in September. It will likely grow much more with the launch of streaming for esports in North America and Europe this month.


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