Cancel culture reaping what they sow – job loss over Palestine support

Palestine support

Various articles on mainstream news websites have been hypocritically condemning the cancel culture being imposed on those expressing Palestinian support.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine over a certain recent event had many individuals expressing support for Palestine, even taking part in “protests” in support of Palestine across the United States.

Now, such individuals have been getting fired from their jobs and/or condemned by superiors (with CEOs even blacklisting some people) and those in higher positions because of their views.

This is rather ironic as such individuals are the same ones who supported the cancellation of those who align politically on the right and people who simply stated facts/had differing opinions, whether it be about race, abortion, COVID-19, or other topics.

Here’s a screencap of the tweet from the article:

Comments on the tweet for this article:

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Editor’s Note: Image from Boston Globe via Getty Images

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