Call of Duty The Haunting Operation Nightmare Guide

Call of Duty The Haunting Operation Nightmare Cod Bounty Cod Guide

Halloween arrived in Call of Duty, and players are tasked with hunting dangerous monsters as part of The Haunting event.

During the event, players will be invited to participate in Operation Nightmare, a hunt for 6 anomalous entities found during matches.

Hunting these monsters is not a straightforward task, with each one of them featuring a unique gimmick, so we’ve been hard at work on a guide that details how to take these supernatural foes down.

Below you can check out how to deal with every bounty in Call of Duty‘s The Haunting event.

The Butcher:

There is extra incentive to kill the Butcher for Diablo IV players, as he is the only bounty with an extra reward. Players who succeed in taking down the Butcher will receive his meat hook to use in Diablo IV.

Dealing with the Butcher is a 2-step ordeal, as players have to first summon him, and then take him down. Across the entire map are statues of Lilith, which players will need to defend for multiple waves until a portal appears.

If defending the statues wasn’t difficult enough, players also need to engage in a 2-phase fight against the Butcher. In his first phase he’ll run towards players and try to damage them by wildly swinging his meat hook around.

In his second phase, he’ll perform an explosive attack around him, and he’ll also start getting faster. Keep in mind, this fight happens in an arena filled with zombies, so it’s recommended to bring multiple armor plates and a full group before attempting this fight.

The best way to deal with the Butcher is by coordinating with your team, having one team member taunting and running away from him, while others try to clear the zombies and take him down. The Butcher hits unarmored players really hard, so always find a way to keep your armor plates up.

Swamp Creature:

The Swamp Creature periodically spawns around a set area, coming out of the water briefly and then disappearing if not killed fast enough.

Players looking to spawn him simply need to go to the designated event area and start interacting with the massive glowing pods, which have a chance to make him show himself.

Dealing with the swamp creature is easy enough, the problem is surviving other players during the period that it takes for him to spawn. Your best chance is to hide near the glowing pods and wait for your chance when he comes out of the water.

The pods are gigantic, and should provide you with enough cover from other players. Keep in mind that these pods also double as loot chests, meaning that they can trigger jumpscares.

The Pharaoh:

The Pharaoh is possibly the hardest bounty to complete during this event, and is borderline impossible during Zombie Royale matches.

The Pharaoh mind-controls NPC soldiers to do his bidding, which players need to kill in order to gather their skulls. After placing enough skulls on his sarcophagus, the Pharaoh will spawn.

As soon as he spawns, dump absolutely everything you have on him, as you want to kill him as fast as possible. The Pharaoh performs a finishing move when he gets close to players, so always keep your distance.

Your best tip is that the Pharaoh does not leave his tomb, so you can always take a breather outside if the cramped environment crammed with zombie soldiers is getting too messy. Players only need to complete 5 out of the 6 bounties to get their rewards, and personally, I would skip this one.


The UFO is a tricky one,and can be quite difficult to shoot down due to having loads of health and an evasive movement pattern.

The UFO will roam around a specific area while shooting deadly lasers at anyone who comes near it. After being lowered to a certain health, it will split into four blue orbs, which will attack individually and need to be destroyed.

The UFO can be damaged by any weapon, but its erratic movement makes it quite difficult to actually hit. Players also need to make sure they aren’t directly under it, as it is prone to abducting players and dropping them from great heights.

The best way to approach the UFO is to hide with your team in a spot where you can damage it without being zapped by the lasers. Sniper rifles and anti-tank weapons are your best bet when it comes to landing a clear shot, although any gun works if your aim is good enough.

Ghost Train:

The Ghost Train is perhaps the easiest bounty that players will encounter, as it simply requires you to get on the train and sprint to the very front to steal its heart.

Other players will be attempting the same as you, but with enough luck you can sneak inside the train and nab the heart easily. There’s a chance that the train will be the first anomaly to spawn during a match, which is your best chance to rush inside.

Delaying your entrance just a little to avoid the fighting is a good strategy, but you’ll need to survive the initial bit in which your back is towards the entrance. If you manage to survive entering the train, then you’ll be able to dash towards a pillar which should keep you protected from gunfire while you loot the safe.

Evil Spirits:

The Evil Spirits are different types of jumpscares that players will encounter during Call of Duty‘s Halloween event. These jumpscares can be triggered at random by looting containers, and they are incredibly loud.

Players are required to find specific jumpscares by looting containers in multiple different areas, specifically the Reaper in Al-Safwa Quarry, the Ghoul in Al Mazrah City, the Specter in Al Bagra Fortress, and the Witch in Al Malik airport.

It’s worth noting that while these jumpscares also trigger in the Zombie Royale mode, they don’t actually count towards your mission completion. Progress in this challenge seems to be incremental, so landing in these spots throughout different matches will count towards completion of the bounty.

Knowledge is the best weapon when it comes to dealing with the supernatural, so you are now ready to tackle all of the horrors that Call of Duty‘s The Haunting event will throw at you. Hopefully you managed to clear all bounties without getting jumpscared too much (Boo!).

Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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