Bunny Garden physical cartridge for Nintendo Switch open for preorder

Bunny Garden

Disclosure: This article contains an affiliate link to our friends at Play-Asia.

Bunny Garden the dating sim game where you meet girls at a bunny girl hostess club is coming to the Nintendo Switch in English on a physical cartridge.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an official North American release, but rather an Asian region release thanks to our friends at Play-Asia! Asian region releases generally release with English translations and sites like Play-Asia make them easily available for global customers.

Physical media is becoming increasingly more important as ageing online retailers are appearing to buckle under the operating cost of their own service, or even worse they simply remove products because they can.

Nintendo has also surprisingly become the new home for anime-style games with risque content. PlayStation has dropped the ball when it comes to providing uncensored games to its users and is increasingly being abandoned by Japanese developers.

Bunny Garden is available now on Windows PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch.


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