Bungie hides comments criticizing their “Latinx” post


Bungie has been hit with criticism once again after they released a social media post supporting use of the controversial “latinx” terminology.

Bungie shared a social media post discussing their new “Latin@Bungie” initiative and used the words “Latin/a/e/o/x” in the process:

The word “Latinx” was fabricated by a certain sect of individuals to be “inclusive”, but many actual latinos find it racist, often call it a “colonialist term” and is technically grammatically incorrect for their language.

Their message further explaining the whole “Latin@Bungie”:

One individual provided photos of Bungie’s team in the past compared to what it is now:

The tweet earned the video game company scorn, and Bungie has been caught hiding replies that disagreed with their narrative.

Some of the comments Bungie hid away, which likely only helped give them further attention:

The non-hidden comments are just as scathing:

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