VR office survival Budget Cuts Ultimate is now available

Budget Cuts Ultimate

Survive automation in the office space in Budget Cuts Ultimate, now available on Steam.

Budget Cuts Ultimate is available on Meta Quest 2 and Microsoft Windows (through SteamVR).

Here’s a rundown on the new game, plus a trailer:

As your last human co-worker is hauled away, a mysterious briefcase from someone on the outside is delivered to your desk. You need to get to the bottom of what is going on at TransCorp.

Sneak around enemy robots by climbing through air ducts and service tunnels, or embrace violence by unleashing a fistful of knives, quivers of arrows, grenades, and coffee mugs onto their unsuspecting circuits. Once you’ve completed your mission, test your skills in the arcade with multiple modes, difficulty levels, and scoring.

  • Seamlessly play through all 13 levels in the main story of both Budget Cuts and Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency, with over 10 hours of stealth-stabbing action!
  • Mutators allow you to customise your gaming experience from Infinite Stabby Crystals, locomotion preferences, Gravity settings, Bullet Time and “Paltkoma” mode (if you know, you know).
  • Arcade mode includes a local high score system, 5 replayable levels, 3 difficulty settings, and a “budget calculator” scoring system showing you how much your mission costs; spending less money is better!
  • Discover and take advantage of the many weapons throughout the game, from knives, stabbing crystals, bows and arrows, soda grenades and blunt force coffee cups (among other throwable objects to help you create *distractions* for a quick getaway)!


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