Breton legend-inspired roguelike An Ankou is now available

An Ankou

Newly released action roguelike An Ankou puts you in the shoes of death’s servant, but with a French folklore twist.

An Ankou is a promising title, with more classes and features planned for the future. The new roguelike game is available now on Microsoft Windows (through Steam Early Access).

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

With death comes a new job. An Ankou is a fast-paced action roguelike where you usher souls from the land of the living whilst battling hordes of demons. As the servant of Death, explore a haunted open environment, scavenge resources, and craft equipment to help in your task.

With multiple professions to imbue the Ankou, each with its own items and skills, random events scattered across the maps, and optional challenges to tackle, there is tons of replayability, and each playthrough is unique.

Servants of Death

Death has given you a new purpose. Legends state that the last dead of the year becomes the Ankou, who helps lost souls depart the land of the living. And for some reason, this is a busy year.… With your scythe, cart, and tools from your living profession, collect resources and souls to craft weapons, upgrade and survive.

The Tools of Your Trades

Each run, a newly dead person inhabits the role of the Ankou, and they bring the knowledge and tools from their profession in life. Each version of the Ankou gives you access to new weapons and abilities to unlock as you dispatch unruly demons. How many souls can you aid using the skills of a blacksmith, a soldier, an apothecary, a cook and others?

Forage and Craft

Roam the haunted lands searching for resources to craft and upgrade your gear. Use your scythe to harvest wood, plants and metal, or hunt dangerous beasts for rare and precious components.

Legions of Demons

Most of your challenges will begin with a handful of evil creatures to defeat, but they will quickly escalate into waves of hundreds of demons fighting alongside increasingly powerful bosses. An Ankou has a fast-paced progression and swiftly shifts from careful exploration to frenetic fights.

Choose your Gear and Gameplay

Multiple tools of your old trade are ready to be used, but more can be unlocked as you play. Choose your gear based on the available resources, challenges you have to overcome, and the playstyle you prefer. But can you craft what you need before waves of deadly demons overpower you?

Customise your Experience

  • Multiple game modes with game durations between 15 minutes and 1 hour
  • Tackle objectives and increase difficulty at your own pace
  • Different control schemes for all profiles: 2 sticks, 1 stick, 1 stick with auto-aim, mouse and keyboard
  • Regular updates. Always know when the next update is due.
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