Cute new 3D platformer Boti announced for PC


Polish indie developer Purple Ray Studio has announced Boti, a cute new 3D platformer.

The new platformer starring the titular miniature robot is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and will launch sometime in 2023.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

Boti info

Venture into a hidden world inside a computer – explore its secrets and save it from viruses! Boti is a dynamic combination of 3D platformer and action-adventure game. Play solo or with a friend in seamless drop-in/drop-out co-op.

Take on the role of a cute, energetic bot named Boti, a data courier who lives in a dynamic world hidden inside a computer!


  • Platforming – Use dynamic platforming moves such as double jump, dash, hover, climb, and more!
  • Files – Gather data files scattered throughout the system. Collect and upload them for rewards!
  • Sliding – Glide down musical slides that play tunes as you go!
  • Combat – Fight unique enemies inspired by computer viruses and glitches!
  • Hovercraft – Hop into a hover-cart to race, drift, and explore!
  • Co-op – Play alone or with a friend – online or split screen!
  • Magnetism – Use your built-in magnetism to push and pull objects (or yourself) in awesome combos!


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