Bomber Crew Gets 100% More AMERICAN in New DLC

Bomber Crew, a cutesy-yet-brutal WWII bomber sim roguelite by Runner Duck and Curve Digital, has gotten significantly more AMERICAN in it’s latest freedom-filled DLC pack.

The aptly-named US Army Air Force DLC adds a new campaign focused on the American war effort in North Africa and the Mediterranean.

The DLC also includes 9 new crew members, new enemy aces to overcome, and the iconic B-17 bomber, which features more crew stations than any other bomber in the game. You can check out the trailer above.

Here’s a rundown of the new DLC:

We want YOU to join the USAAF!

The Bomber Crew USAAF DLC features an iconic American Bomber which holds more Crew than ever, over a brand new campaign set in a never before seen Theatre of War!

Dig on for victory while fighting it out with all new enemy fighters and Aces while ensuring that you check on the enemy below, as danger also now comes from the seas as much as it comes from the skies. Get cracking, remain cool as a cucumber and make sure your crew returns once more!

Key Features:

  • The iconic American Bomber!
  • Nine crew members!
  • New enemy fighter types!
  • Deadly foes from the seas!
  • A thrilling campaign set in an all new Theatre Of War!

The USAAF DLC is included in the Season Pass, or can be bought separately for $6.99. Bomber Crew is available on Windows PC, Mac, Linux (via Steam and the Humble Store), PS4, Switch, and Xbox One for $14.99. It’s currently 50% off.


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