Blumhouse Productions announces new horror game subsidiary

Blumhouse Productions

Blumhouse Productions, the movie producers largely known for their work on the Paranormal Activity franchise, The Black Phone, and the upcoming live-action Five Nights at Freddy’s movie have announced they’re branching out in to games.

Blumhouse seemingly plans to work on smaller titles, explicitly planning on games that will cost less than $10 million USD to make. Jason Blum has reportedly tapped industry veteran Zach Wood to head the gaming division. Wood is recently known for their production role on Prey: Mooncrash and Prey: Typhon Hunter.

President of Blumhouse Abhijay Prakash had this to say according to Bloomberg:

“We’re in the scary story business. We do films, we do TV and there is this massive, growing segment in media and entertainment called gaming… The space is hundreds of billions of dollars; we’re in a great position to try and access it.”

In the past, Universal has pitched games based on Blumhouse movies such as The Purge but now the film producer is planning to take a more hands on approach.



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