Blue Reflection Sun censored feet and cleavage at request of Apple

Blue Reflection Sun censored

Another game with anime visuals, Blue Reflection Sun, has been forced to kowtow to the Apple store’s absurdly censorious guidelines.

Blue Reflection Sun has announced some in-game CG will have to be censored due to the popular tech manufacturer’s demands.

While the game will be censored on iPhones, it wasn’t mentioned whether or not the game will be butchered on Google’s Android as well.

Blue Reflection Sun’s official Twitter account made the sad announcement on August 28th, stating that illustrations in-game will have to be “reviewed” to “comply with Apple’s standards”.

The game is part of the Blue Reflection series, which consists of two other JRPGs.

A previously released character introduction PV for Blue Reflection Sun:

Being a mobile game, Blue Reflection Sun predictably has gacha, meaning players can collect all sorts of cards that have unique artwork on them.

Apple has unfortunately taken offense to some of this artwork, but oddly enough, the art they had qualms with weren’t even particularly racy.

The Twitter message indicated that the following cards will have to be “reviewed” (or in other words, censored/removed):

[Yukiko] Hadairo no Rinkaku
[Nanaka] Fudan Mienai Basho
[Kanna] Kakariin ga Inai Jidai
[Meichii] Radio wa Radio de
[Ayami] Yamai wa Kikara
* please check the in-game announcement for details

The relatively tame illustrations for the above-mentioned cards:

The announcement indicated that illustrations that are “sexually suggestive depictions of characters” and that “show an excessive amount of skin or overly focus on certain parts of the body” will likely be affected, and probably won’t appear on new cards in the future.

However, considering Apple regards “finger-biting” as “suggestive”, it is likely that a lot more harmless depictions will be considered haram in the future.

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