Blue Reflection: Ray to Air Over Two Cours and Premieres April 8

Blue Reflection Ray

The upcoming anime Blue Reflection: Ray will air over two consecutive cours and will premiere April 8th.

A cour is a term used in anime broadcasting that refers to the 3 month seasons which an anime series will air. A cour is usually made up of roughly 10-14 episodes and in this case Blue Reflection: Ray is a double cour series, meaning it will air 20-28 episodes through Spring and Summer.

The news about the series was announced on the official site for the anime.

2 Consecutive [Cour] Broadcasts Decided

It has been announced that the TV anime “BLUE REFLECTION RAY / Mio”, which will start broadcasting on April 9, will be broadcast in two consecutive [cours].

Please enjoy the story that connects the “feelings” of the girls, and the appearance of fighting and growing as a reflector.

Translation: Google Translate [Adjusted]

Blue Reflection is a 2017 video game from Gust Co. who are known for their work on the Atelier franchise; the game was published by Koei-Tecmo. Blue Reflection follows Hinako Shirai, a student at Hoshinomiya Girls High School in contemporary Japan.

Shirai used to be a ballet dancer who had to quit following her passion after an accident which injured her leg. However she’s given the power to fight as a magical girl (called a “Reflector”) and is once again able to move freely thanks to the power of being a Reflector.


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