Blue Archive guide – Shiro and Kuro Urban Warfare May 2023

Shiro Kuro Urban Warfare Blue Archive

It’s been a few months and Shiro & Kuro are back, that means it’s two Mystic raids back to back but hopefully we’re better prepared than last time.

With the recent Go! Go! Kivotos! event ending earlier this week, you should at least have Hasumi (Track) this time. Though if you took our advice and rolled for the Unique Yuuka (Track) and Mari (Track) you’ll be even better off.

Core Mechanics

Shiro and Kuro are a “Special” armored boss, meaning they’re weak to Mystic attacks from students.

Mystic damage characters are some of the most unusual in the game. So it’s possible if you’re a newer players you might be missing some core students for high level clears.

It’s helpful to remember that Piercing damage is neutral against Special armor, so many of the students from our Chesed or Binah guides can be used in a pinch.

Shiro and Kuro are a two phase boss. First you’ll fight Shiro who likes to roll from side to side on her ball.

Unlike other bosses, Shiro and Kuro don’t have a special move when their ATG bar is full. Instead their basic attacks and powers are ranked up.

Like other bosses, their ATG gauge can be filled by making them “Groggy”. The Groggy Meter for Shiro and Kuro fills as they take damage.

Creating Cover

Shiro and Kuro have a unique mechanic that interacts with Cover. Cover are the bits of rock, barricades, and other terrain that students can crouch fire from behind.

Some students have EX abilities that create Cover and they have a unique niche in Shiro and Kuro raids.

When Shiro or Kuro use an ability that will send a ball at a student, the ball can be blocked with Cover. If the damage doesn’t break the Cover, the ball will be bounced back.

When the ball is bounced back, Shiro or Kuro will immediately enter a Groggy state and wipe their ATG gauge.

Our Team Suggestion


  • Hayase Yuuka (Track): You can get by without a tank, but if your Shizuko is underleveled for deflecting projectiles then Yuuka has got your back. Yuuka’s EX-ability is a reposition with a barrier so you can just avoid or tank the worst hits that ShiroKuro throws at you.
  • Hasumi (Track): Hasumi (Track) is a convenient replacement for Izuna (Swimsuit). Izuna is still a fine unit but the change from Indoor to Urban terrain means Izuna loses a lot of damage. But Hasumi is easily able to pick up the slack.
  • Kuda Izuna: Izuna is just like Asuna. She has a lot of single target damage, self-buffs, and her EX ability allows her to dodge AoEs. In Shiro and Kuro you can never have too many characters like this.
  • Kosaka Wakamo: The Fox of Calamity herself. Wakamo is another damage dealer like Azusa who synergizes with high damage teams. Her EX ability explodes for even more damage based on how much damage is dealt after its used. She also does up to 29.7% extra damage to bosses depending on her skill levels.


  • Kawawa Shizuko: Sadly this is basically the only place Shizuko shines. Which is a shame because she’s adorable. Her EX ability creates cover for bouncing back attacks from Shiro and Kuro. Her passive abilities can lower the boss’s attack and increase her allies crit chance.
  • Kawawa Shizuko (Swimsuit): Double the Shizuko, double the fun. Swimsuit Shizuko is another reposition and barrier specialist to avoid the worst of the hits in this raid. She can be comfortably replaced with a more damage oriented Special unit if you have Yuuka (Track) though.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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