Blue Archive banner 4/25-5/9 should you pull?

Yuuka (Track) Blue Archive

Global Blue Archive servers are slowly but surely catching up to the Japanese playerbase. After a rush of rapid-fire events and rerun events, we’re finally at the next part of the Kivotos Halo Festival!

To complement the cheerleaders from earlier this month, this time we’ve got Yuuka (Track) and Mari (Track) and for the first time Mari will be entering the frontlines in this alternate costume.

New units and variations of existing characters are all well and good, but are they actually worth spending the Pyroxenes on?

Hayase Yuuka (Track)

Yuuka (Track) Blue Archive

Everyone’s favorite busybody is back and she’s Blue this time. Yuuka (Track) is a more interesting version of her generic base form. Normal Yuuka is a solid unit and has a niche in the current PvP meta for some reason, but Yuuka (Track) is just… so much more useful.

She’s still a tank, her EX ability gives a shield and has a reposition, she’s custom made for bringing into Shiro and Kuro raids and possibly tackling other weird raid mechanics. Not to mention she buffs Mystic damage and gives herself a scaling shield every 30 seconds. There’s literally nothing to like about her, she might be a bit redundant if you have Natsu and Shizuko (Swimsuit) to help with Shiro and Kuro but she basically replaces two units in one package.

Iochi Mari

Mari (Track) Blue Archive

Have you not found Koharu for Hieronymus raids yet? Do you want a Koharu who’s just better at healing? Look no further than Mari (Track)!

Mari’s healing is INTENSE and absolutely perfect for Hieronymus raids, see her last skill? Devoted Encouragement? That means she’ll give a big burst of healing to the relics which the raid’s mechanics are based around. If you’re going to have a middling damage dealer anyways, may as well swap it with a better healer to protect your entire team while clearing the raid.

Should I Pull?

Frankly, this is a worthwhile pull. Both units are not only meta relevant, but also Unique. This means they can only be acquired during their banner events and who knows when the next Rerun will be?

To sum it up: Unless you’re really hurting for Pyroxenes for the upcoming Mika and Himari banners in the coming months, you should probably pull.

Waifu Clause

As always, if you really like the student’s design then more power to you. These guides are more about the student’s place in the meta.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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