Blue Archive guide – Binah Urban Warfare May 2023

Binah Blue Archive

It’s been a long time but we’re finally back to Yellow raids, and to make things easier it’s Binah!

Binah is one of three Yellow raid bosses weak to Piercing damage, and among the three he has the least mechanics. This makes him more of a DPS race with a few big damage dealing moves to watch out for.

Thankfully his lack of mechanics makes teambuilding easy, especially if you’ve been keeping up with some of the more noteworthy banners.

Core Mechanics

Binah is a heavy armored boss, meaning he takes extra damage from Piercing attacks similar to HOD, or Chesed.

Binah has three unique aspects that define how to approach his fight.

  1. First, Binah’s dizzy meter fills up whenever he takes Piercing damage, it doesn’t fill from any other source.
  2. Second, Binah regularly does AoE moves that are either in a line or simply target four students.
  3. Lastly, when his ATG meter is full he does a big AoE that reduces DEF, ensuring your students might not survive another one.

Unlike the other Yellow raids there’s no adds or funny gimmicks. Just beat up Binah and don’t die.

Our Team Suggestion


  • Renkawa Cherino: Cherino only has one use here, her Cost Recovery passive. This increases your EX Meter faster and allows you to go harder on other EX abilities. Her own EX ability should be avoided since it’s expensive and doesn’t do much single target damage. Replace her first if you have to fit a tank or healer.
  • Murokasa Akane: A cheaply spammable EX ability that debuffs DEF? Yes please! Akane’s a good fit on any team and enables Maki and Irori to go hard.
  • Konuri Maki: Maki is one of the strongest damage dealers for Piercing targets, and that’s true even when she’s not in her ideal environment.
  • Shiromi Irori: Irori is another damage dealer alongside Maki. She does big damage with her EX ability, you can weave her in between Maki’s ability when Maki still has her own ATK buff.


  • Akeboshi Himari: Himari is the new raid queen after the latest patch. Her straight up ATK buff isn’t as flashy as Ako’s crit buff, but she passively increases Cost Recovery even better than Cherino.
  • Shiraishi Utaha: It’s my waifu’s time to shine again. Utaha gives your team a bit of survivability, both with a passive HP buff and her turret’s ability to eat hits. Her turrets also do cost-effective damage and if you have her personal item unlocked at Tier 2 she’ll passively summon THREE mini turrets instead of one.


  • Kasuga Tsubaki (Replaces Cherino): Normally we’d advocate for Hoshino here since at least her EX-ability isn’t a complete dud in this fight. But if you’re pushing Insane difficulty, Binah will do Piercing damage himself and thankfully Tsubaki has Mystic armor whereas Hoshino would take extra damage.
  • Saiba Midori (Replaces Irori or Cherino): A good choice if you just need a little bit of healing to get through some tough spots. Midori’s a damage dealer but her one passive has her toss out a heal every 25 seconds.
  • Asahina Pina (Replaces Irori or Maki): Pina is not a unit most people should have leveled (unless she’s your waifu) but just in case this raid (and HOD) is one of the only few places Pina can shine as a damage dealer.
  • Amau Ako (Replaces Utaha or Himari): Ako has been dethroned by Himari, but instead of a Queen she’s more like a Princess of raids. Ako is just as good as she always was and can be a more defensive option since she drops a heal every 45 seconds. Her buff also stacks with Himari’s so go wild.
  • Otose Kotama (Replaces Himari): Only use her if you don’t have Himari, since her ATK buff doesn’t stack with Kotama’s.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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