Blue Archive announces gameplay changes for January 2023

Blue Archive

Yongha Kim from Blue Archive developer Nexon Games has announced some awaited gameplay changes that will be coming to the global version of the game this month.

Blue Archive is an online auto-battler game where players take on the role of Sensei to a cast of super-powered schoolgirls in the high tech city of Kivotos.

In most activities players can control when their team uses EX abilities but not much else, leaving room for some strategic play.

The biggest change is that players will finally be able to select their starting list of abilities. While a player can field six students, you can only select from three abilities at a time with abilities cycling through as you use them.

This new change will allow players to strategically use buffs and other abilities before being forced to use their meter on unbuffed damaging attacks.

For example, Akane’s special ability applies a defensive debuff, while Karin’s ability does massive single target damage. Now you can have Akane’s ability available at the start instead of trying to cycle through to it before using Karin’s.

While this might seem small, it’s an important quality of life change for players who do the highest end raid content and compete for high positions on the leaderboard.

Players will also be able to skip battles in the Tactical Challenge PvP mode. These battles are asynchronous and uncontrollable, removing even the ability to tactically use abilities.

This means that without player input, there’s no reason except curiosity to watch these fights play out.

Blue Archive has had a tough time balancing the interests of its fans with “global standards” ever since the game released outside of Japan.

After a controversy surrounding in-game censorship, Nexon made the decision to split the game between a version for older teens and adults, and one for all-ages.

Blue Archive is available now on mobile devices! You can check out our review here! (as far as mobile games go, we still recommend it!)



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